Artist's Statement

Thankful for my eyes, my hands, my soul and my wits.  I want to shape, sketch and create objects for contemplation, full of life, light and beauty even in solemn, dark situations. 

Believing life is purposeful and truth ever-present, over  which we may stumble or  with which we may knock our heads, I try to paint true things that illustrate what I badly need to learn.

So much in awe of what is around me and the people in my view, I have difficulty with distortion.  I am left to shape and pare what I see into an emotionally poignant, simple statement that hopefully twangs something in the viewer as well as myself. 

So, here I am, a watercolorist, oil painter, sculptor, illustrator and muralist.  

Have you ever wished someone would assign you to redesign the ugliness of the world and give you eternity to do it?  I have! 

Maybe together!

Maybe we could teach our children after us! 

Maybe we can design our own little corner and every scrap of paper or lump of clay that passes through our hands into one more scrap or lump of beauty. 

And if it is wonderful, maybe a few more people or generations will see it too.